Quality seal

Quality seal

Starting in 2014, all IAPA members will be able to receive the following certificate from the IAPA CERT inspection authority.



IAPA CERT, the official certifying body of the International Adventure Park Association, hereby certifies that the ropes course…

Name and location

…utilises high-quality staff, service and safety management processes. An audit report has shown that the park meets the European ropes course standards 15567-1 and -2 as well as the International Adventure Park Association Standards.


You, your family and/or your group can rest assured that an independent expert has inspected the structures and safety systems and that this park is state-of-the-art. All participants are outfitted, briefed, supervised and, in special cases, evacuated from the course by trained specialised staff. The park is run in accordance with the industry’s latest developments and the IAPA Guidelines to make your safety a priority.

This park offers modern, inspected protective equipment for persons and infrastructure and has taken the necessary steps to minimise danger on the ropes course.  This certificate is valid in combination with the audit report until the stated date.

If the statements in this certificate do not hold true during your visit to this park, please phone us at 0700 427 263 34 (toll free) or e-mail us at office@iapa.cc.

We will promptly investigate the matter.

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