Welcome to the certification area.

The IAPA CERT is the certification authority of the IAPA, here all certifications in the fields of education / training, inspection and quality seals are coordinated.

Cert is responsible for the awarding of training certificates, hereby the necessary admission requirements are checked, documented and the training documentation archived and managed.  Certificates and ID cards requested by the trainers are issued and sent to participants. The establishing of the framework which is laid down in the training regulations is the responsibility of IAPA TRAINING.

The certification of IAPA inspectors and the award of the quality seal for adventure parks is subject to the same structures as those of education. It is checked whether all necessary conditions meet expectations and the documentation is managed properly, the defining framework is the responsibility of the IAPA CERT INSPECTORS BODY. This body of IAPA inspectors headed by Thomas Gradl has taken on the task of developing inspection standards and setting safety standards in the design of adventure parks. During regular inspector meetings and exchanges in CERT Forums, a platform will be created which offers both inspectors and Park operators first class services in the area of Park inspection. Further Information will be available here soon.