Certification of instructors, rescuers and toprope belayers

Dear operators, trainers and members –

certify your instructors, rescuers and toprope belayers to provide evidence of the professional qualification of your staff. IAPA members have the possibility to certify the staff trained by themselves – don’t miss out on this!

Certification requirements of an instructor, rescuer or toprope belayer:

  1. The training centre is a full IAPA member.
  2. The trainer has a valid IAPA-Certificate.
  3. The training complies with the IAPA guidelines.
  4. The trainee received IAPA’s official training manual – KISS 2.0.

Step by step to your certificate:

  1. Please remove the application form carefully from your KISS 2.0 (2 sheets).
  2. Please fill out the form completely and sign it.
  3. In Germany, rescuers and toprope belayers has to fill out and sign the IAPA Paper zur G41 und zum Erste-Hilfe-Kurs (written in German).
  4. Please enter the application data from page 1 of the application into the online form:
  5. You will receive a confirmation email after having send the data.
  6. Please use the voucher code on your application for a free certification. If there is no voucher code on your application, the training manual was brought without certification. You can purchase your certification for an extra fee (please see IAPA fee structure)
  7. We create your certificate as soon as possible and send it to you and the participants via Email.