Coordination workshop

Coordinating workshop for inspectors for acceptance of the IAPA seal of quality

For those who would like to award the IAPA Quality Seal during the course of their inspection, IAPA CERT will organize a coordination workshop in the spring of 2017 (duration: 2 days – cost 250 euros).


Prerequisites for participation are the following criteria:

  • Proof of climbing ability (SKT or SZT)
  • Proof of cable/rope course
  • Proof PSA certificate
  • Proof of industry knowledge (1500 hours of construction / management function during operation / training)
  • Proof of inspection experience
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • IAPA Membership (at least one expert membership)
  • Participation in the annual expert meeting. (Meeting is managed by CERT-Chairman – Costs similar to SMA / TA-Update 120, – €)