The training to become a IAPA Safety Manager provides you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in all areas of an adventure park. From tree and weather knowledge, to details of relevant guidelines and standards, to the physical laws of the adventure park, you will be able to develop your skills extensively.
As a IAPA Safety Manager for adventure parks, you are able to create risk assessments, carry out inspections according to EN 15567-1, ensure obligation compliance, documentation and insurance coverage/ protection in the area of adventure parks.

The training to become a IAPA Safety Manager comprises 5 days and takes place in one of our IAPA Academies.


  • IAPA Rescuer with at least one season of experience.
  • Minimum age: 21.
  • Knowledge of current IAPA standards.
  • Knowledge of the ropes course standard EN 15567 1 + 2, current version from 2015.
  • The training participant has a written and spoken command of the working language in the adventure park.
  • The training participant shows no signs of drug abuse.
  • The training participant is physically and mentally fit. 

Content of the training:

  • Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of different rescue systems
  • Insight into the contents of EN 15567 part 1 and 2 (European standards for ropes courses)
  • Creating emergency and crisis plans
  • Importance of the risk assessment in the ropes course and workshop for creation of such a system
  • Insight into the assessment of PPE (does not replace the PPE course)
  • Legal obligations in the ropes course (explicitly required for safety and supervision of guests in the ropes course)
  • Insight into knowledge about wire
  • Insight into tree knowledge (early detection of damaged and changes to bearing trees)