Help in a crisis situation

One of the important tasks faced by the IAPA is the support of its members in crisis.
This could be an  accident, incident or difficulty with the authorities. A team of experts is available to help solve problems. If you are unsure of how to continue, you need advice or simply need someone to talk to, here you will find the right person.

At present, we can name professionals in the following fields:

  • Technology of the Parks
    • Technical equipment PSA
    • Tree experts
    • Insurance
    • Dealing with psychological stress

We work together with other specialists such as lawyers, media consultants, etc.
Furthermore we the provide information to prevent accidents and information on how to deal with the authorities.  We document all problems and their possible solutions that arise over time.
This is not intended to replace the training as a safety manager. This training is also part of the prevention of accidents and problems with the authorities.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact our office via e-mail at or call 0049 0700 427 263 34.

Here you will find the appropriate contact person.
We will gladly receive suggestions on the expansion, improvement and the collection of further information. Please you tell us about your problems, accidents, etc. only if everyone contributes, we can work together successfully. Only if we work together can we help each other.

Non-members are also welcome contact us.

All information is strictly confidential.