IAPA Rescuer in an Adventure Park

Training for the level of Rescuer is based on training of an IAPA instructor. As a Rescuer, you have all the skills of instructors and may assist and rescue participants from a height. They therefore have a number of responsibilities and play a very vital role in the running of an Adventure Park.

The framework of the course are the Standards set out by IAPA and the current DIN (German norm standards institute) norm standard for rope courses EN 15567.


  • Completed IAPA instructor training
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Proof of first aid (9 teaching units)
  • The training participants is able to complete the entire Adventure Park as a participant.
  • The trainee can read and write in the language used in their Park
  • Medical Questionnaire of the IAPA


  • Standard-rescue techniques and methods that are used in the Park where Training takes place (fully or semi automatic rescue systems)
  • Evacuation exercises, techniques and procedures
  • Advanced PSA (personal protective equipment) expertise for the visual and functional testing of the equipment used in the park
  • The ability to independently execute visual routine inspections in accordance with DIN EN 15567-1
  • Setting up of the necessary anchor points for all the personal safety techniques used in the park
  • Appropriate setting up, use and dismantling of ladders

Please note that the PSA (personal protective equipment) must fulfil the following requirements.

  • Lanyards/Slings EN 566
    Helmets EN 397
    Harnesses EN 361, EN 813
    Carabiners/Connecting components EN 362
    Arrester systems EN 363
    Connecting components (e.g. Lanyards/Slings) EN 354
    General requirements, instructions and identification EN 365
    Static ropes EN 1891
    Self retracting lifeline EN 360
  • Rescue and positioning devices EN 341