IAPA Top rope Belayer in an Adventure Park

Top rope Belayer training is one of the basic courses of the IAPA to work in rope courses. As a Top rope Belayer, you master the fundamentals of work on top rope stations and are able to use these safely with participants. The support of the climbing stations as well as the material and safety instructions are the mainstay of the diversified and responsible work as Top rope Belayer.

The framework or basic principles of the course are the Standards set out by IAPA and the current DIN (German norm standards institute) norm standard for rope courses EN 15567.


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Good physical and mental condition
  • Proof of first aid (9 teaching units)
  • The student is fluent in both the spoken and written language of the Adventure Park.
  • Medical self-assessment of the IAPA


  • Safety techniques for top rope stations (V, N and M Safety)
  • Material and knot knowledge
  • Material and safety instructions for participants
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Ability to independently carry out the visual routine inspections according to DIN EN 15567-1
  • Rules and standards for working in rope courses