IAPA trainer in an Adventure Park

This training qualifies one as an instructor-trainer. If you are an experienced rescuer, take the step up to the next level to the trainer, you will acquire all the skills and certification needed to conduct training of Instructors, IAPA Rescuers and IAPA Top rope-Belayers in your own facility.

In addition, you will be able to take over the supervision of other personnel in the facility and be able to bear the responsibility for the PSA (Personal protective equipment).

As an IAPA Instructor-trainer and a good instructor, you have to master not only all the Hardskills, but also be able to communicate them appropriately.
The framework or basic principles of the training are the standards of the IAPA, the current DIN standard for rope courses EN 15567 and BGR 198 + 199 (new: DGUV Regel 112-198 and DGUV Regel 112-199).


  • IAPA Rescuer with at least one year experience
    • Minimum age 21 years
    • G 41 Accuracy check


  • Educational theory: Teaching and learning, communication principles
    • Training organisation, EN 15567-2
    • IAPA standards on training
    • PSA expertise, regulations and standards, documentation
    • Practice Lessons
    • Park organization
    • Rescue and evacuation concepts and procedures
    • Physics in a ropes course

Please note that the PSA (personal protective equipment) must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Slings EN 566
  • Helmets EN 397
  • Harnesses EN 361, EN 813
  • Carabiners/Connecting components EN 362
  • Arrester systems EN 363
  • Connecting components (e.g. Lanyards) EN 354
  • General requirements, instructions and identification EN 365
  • Static ropes EN 1891
  • Self retracting lifeline EN 360
  • Rescue and positioning devices EN 341

For training, please bring a rescue device and participants-PSA in 3 forms which is in use in your own Park. If the PSA brought along does not meet the required standards, it is possible to borrow them from the respective academy at a fee.