We are the International Adventure Park Association, and our 150 members make us the major lobby group for adventure parks in Germany.

As a mouthpiece for the industry, we work together to build trust and explain the growth and development of manufacturers, park builders and operators to the media and the general public.

The IAPA develops quality standards and advises adventure parks on how to implement them, thereby helping every adventure park become more modern, safer and more profitable and, in turn, ensuring the sector’s market stability and development.

We consider ourselves to be a neutral institution for specialist qualification and expertise transfer. With a comprehensive training portfolio for adventure park staff and operators and the task of organizing the most important convention in Europe, the annual International Adventure Park Congress (IAPC) and Trade Fair, we at the IAPA bring the industry’s stakeholders together.

Modern and forward-looking – an advantage for members and the sector

Since it was founded in 2007, the IAPA has become a high-performance, service-oriented association that is the first point of contact for anyone interested in thorough, up-to-date information on the latest developments and trends. The members’ service area, which features services designed to meet our members’ specific needs, is constantly growing.

The IAPA offers a comprehensive practical training structure for park staff and also runs two on-site competency centres in Germany which serve as platforms for specialist qualification, communication and networking.

Always open to change, the IAPA investigates industry developments, trends and new methods in depth and develops and supports initiatives that uncover new paths. The IAPA recognises innovation and creativity with annual awards for the best product, the best project, the best design, the best study and person of the year and looks forward to collaborating with any company that accepts nothing less than quality and reliability in their work.

Welcome to the IAPA – we can’t wait to move forward with you.