IAPA membership is worth it!


The IAPA is an association for owners and operators of ropes courses. Our members also include the major manufacturers of ropes course safety systems as well as inspection authorities and other ropes course associations.

The IAPA offers its members comprehensive expertise, high-quality training and professional certification as well as the opportunity for staff to be trained and certified by the association’s own safety managers. The IAPA promotes its members and provides professional support and a network that can help problems be solved faster and more affordably.

We award our member parks a quality seal that speaks to the operator’s careful supervision and the park’s technical quality, and we feature these parks in particular on our website.

The IAPA also organises the International Adventure Park Congress and several training network platforms for operators, manufacturers and trainers and is the sector’s leading opinion maker.

Any natural or legal person can become a member. The membership fee depends on the number of parks in operation.

We would be happy to have you in the IAPA – just click on the link below:

Membership application