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Expertise for the inspection of load suspension devices

Slings, chain and rope hoists with special consideration of applications in ropes courses

In many cases, elements from the field of load-bearing equipment are used in the construction of ropes courses. Especially heavy-duty slings, chains or shackles are to be mentioned here.
While there are specific training offers for the inspection of masts or steel ropes in ropes courses, this seminar is intended to close the gap of slings.
The content of this seminar follows on from our popular further training course on steel cable expertise and will be offered from autumn 2020, alternating annually between steel cable expertise and load suspension devices.

Content of the training:

  • Legal basics (regulations and rules, EU directives)
  • Position, responsibility, duties and liability of the "qualified person"
  • Chain and rope hoists
  • Load suspension devices/ slings
  • Types, structure and use of load supension devices
  • Damage and discard
  • Checks before initial operation
  • Regular audit, Extraordinary audits
  • Scope and proof of testing
  • Testing according to regulations
  • Examination using practical examples
  • Documentation