With the INSPECTOR audit, IAPA has developed another building block for ropes course inspectors that is adapted to specific needs and maps the basic ropes course-specific inspection topics and their challenges.

Date: 2024/08/05

Location: Action Forest Titisee, Neustädter Str. 41, 79822 Titisee-Neustadt

Trainer: Thomas Gradl

To bring:

  • own PPE equipment (according to EN 361, EN 813 + chest strap)
  • Equipmentdigital Documentation must be possible at height
  • Appropriate Clothing

Audit task: Carrying out a regularly recurring Inspection (in parts) and creating a Test Report

Audit Basis:

  • DIN EN 15567-1:2020-05
  • DIN EN 15567-2:2015-08
  • SISKA Safety Instructions, Warnings and Recommendations
  • IAPA Inspection Documents

Qualification: Required personal qualifications of the MAIN INSPECTOR working for the inspection body must have submitted all qualifications on the day of the audit​

  • First aid certificate (currently valid)
  • At least 18 years
  • Construction and operational experience of at least 600 hours
  • Proof of a total of 8 inspections carried out on at least 2 different structures and at least 2 different safety systems
  • PPE expertise
  • Expertise for the inspection of load suspension devices (LAM)
  • Rope technology training, e.g. PPE user, SZT, SKT
  • Wire rope expertise (at least 2 days)


Cost: 261,80 € for IAPA members, 368,90 € for non-members

Degree: Prerequisite for becoming an IAPA registered inspection body/inspector