The IAPA TRAINING programme supports operators and staff in continuously increasing and improving the level of safety and quality in their facilities.

IAPA INSPECTION serves to improve the quality of inspections within the ropes course sector.



  • The European standard EN 15567 applies to ropes courses and is the basis for the construction and operation of ropes courses. The inspection cycles defined therein are observed by the ropes course operators and implemented with the help of inspectors.
  • IAPA INSPECTION takes into account further training opportunities for inspectors and certification options for adventure parks.

IAPA INSPECTION - Expertise and experience for inspectors


  • The IAPA INSPECTION concept for the qualification of inspectors to carry out inspections according to EN 15567 supports and promotes inspectors in their personal development.
  • The INSPECTION training offer meets the needs of ropes course inspectors and illustrates the basic aspects and challenges of inspections specific for ropes courses.
  • IAPA INSPECTION offers a platform to inspectors, independent of their membership, for an exchange of experience.
  • Every inspector, independent of membership, can make use of the IAPA INSPECTION training offer.

IAPA INSPECTION - The certification concept for ropes course operators



  • IAPA INSPECTION is a two-stage concept for the certification of ropes courses:
  • Stage 1: certification of the facility through the IAPA INSPECTION certificate plus sign and tag.
  • Stage 2: awarding of the IAPA quality seal INSPECTION PRO.
  • Both the IAPA INSPECTION certificate and the IAPA quality seal INSPECTION PRO certify that an expert has inspected the ropes course according to EN 15567.
  • The IAPA quality seal INSPECTION PRO can be applied for in a second step. Additional requirements for receiving the seal are 1) that a trainer certified by IAPA has trained and certified all staff members and 2) that the safety manager working at the facility is certified by IAPA.

IAPA INSPECTION - The difference


  • A requirement for receiving the IAPA INSPECTION certification or the quality seal INSPECTION PRO​ as adventure park or high ropes course is that an inspection body registered with IAPA has carried out the periodical inspection.
  • The IAPA INSPECTION concept is a list of criteria for inspectors which they have to completely fulfil before they can register as IAPA INSPECTION BODY.
  • Every inspector has the right to register as IAPA INSPECTION BODY when he fulfils the requirements defined by IAPA.