The KISS 2.0 IAPA training manual is now online. From now on, you can complete the theoretical part of the instructor and rescuer training course as an e-learning module.

  • E-learning tool: instructor and rescuer theory
  • German and English
  • Includes instructor, rescuer or toprope belayer certificate
  • Only available for IAPA members


Booking process

  • The park purchases an annual licence for the online tool (the annual licence renews automatically each year unless cancelled in due time).
  • Participant packages are added: for 8, 16, 24, 32 or 40 participants.
  • Next, you send us the participant information (first name, surname, email address). The participants receive an email inviting them to the academy.
  • You receive your “teacher login” so that you can check participants’ results and follow their progress.


  • Reduces learning and development costs
  • Less time spent training in the park
  • Greater focus placed on the practical part of the training course
  • Individual learning: each participant can learn at their own pace and at times that suit them, using any device with an internet connection.
  • Easy for participants to sign up on the IAPA e-learning platform


Bookable for IAPA members only. The prices are including VAT.

Annual licence € 299    
Course participant fee* Participants   Price per person
  8 €288 €36
  16 €544 Euro €34
  24 €744 €31
  32 €880 €27,50
  40 €940 €23,50
Additional park-specific learning resources in PDF format
10 pages €60  
  20 pages €100  
  30 pages €140  

*Login includes training manual and a certificate issued upon successful completion of the practical exam,
plus shipping costs for the manuals.