With the IAPA INSPECTION training programme, the IAPA has developed an advanced training programme for ropes course inspectors that is adapted to specific needs and covers the basic ropes course-specific inspection topics and their challenges.

IAPA INSPECTION offers a platform to inspectors, independent of their membership, for an exchange of experience.

The advanced training course on "PPE according to the DGUV" (German Social Accident Insurance) principle 312-906 provides the necessary knowledge required to evaluate operational safety and the proper use of PPE against falls.

The two-day workshop on "Steel cable expertise" teaches the most important basics, error patterns and discard criteria of wire ropes and wire rope end terminations in a practical way.

In many cases, elements from the field of load-bearing equipment are used in the construction of ropes courses. Especially heavy-duty slings, chains or shackles are to be mentioned here. While there are specific training offers for the inspection of masts or steel ropes in ropes courses, this two-day seminar for the "Inspection of load suspension devices" is intended to close the gap of slings.

With the "IAPA Inspector for periodic inspections" training, the IAPA offers a highly specialized 5-day training program to teach future inspectors the depth of the inspection subject in all its facets and impasses.

For the open exchange of knowledge among ropes course inspectors, the IAPA offers an annual "Open Inspectors' Day" to provide all inspectors, regardless of their association membership, with a common platform for discussion and exchange of experience.