IAPA‘s multi-level training programme allows trainers who are trained and certified by IAPA to train and certify instructors, rescuers and toprope belayers in their own facilities.

Safety managers trained and certified by IAPA have the knowledge and necessary tools at their disposal to operate and manage their facilities in all aspects related to safety.

The advanced training course on PPE according to the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) principle 312-906 provides the necessary knowledge required to evaluate operational safety and the proper use of PPE against falls.

Inspection plays an important part in the adventure park. IAPA will thus offer a training as IAPA inspector for operational inspections starting in spring 2020.

IAPA’s training programme will be completed with the workshop on steel cable expertise. We are pleased to announce that two experts from the Tecklenborg, Kegel GmbH company and Thomas Gradl in his capacity as IAPA inspector will lead this workshop.

The IAPA trainings for trainers, safety managers, inspectors and on PPE will all take place at the IAPA academies. The workshop on wire rope expertise will directly follow the annual Adventure Sports Convention (ASC) at the same location. 

IAPA trainings stand out due to highest quality, safety and topicality!