Workshop on steel cable expertise entitled Wire ropes and Rope End Terminations: Selection – Basics – Application

The two-day workshop teaches the most important basics, error patterns and discard criteria of wire ropes and wire rope end terminations in a practical way.
In both theory and practice you will learn to make wire rope end terminations yourself with rope grips and grouting. We offer different wire ropes and anchor points for training.
Tools, supplies and anchor points for training will be provided.

The workshop on steel cable expertise will directly follow the annual Adventure Sports Convention (ASC) at the same location. The language of instruction is German.

Target group:
Everyone changing wire ropes in a ropes course or wishing to acquire basic knowledge of wire ropes.

The workshop will be led by:
Carsten Klünder and Andre Kallweit (Tecklenborg, Kegel GmbH)
Thomas Gradl (inspection body)