Every ropes course operator is obliged to meet the normative specifications of EN 15567. People’s understanding and emotional state when reading through the ropes course standard often range from “easily applicable” to “challenging” to “incomprehensible” or “overstraining”. As inspection plays an important part in ropes course operations, we would like to support you and shed some light on the topic of operational inspections.

Training’s goal:
Safely carrying out operational inspections in ropes courses and answering the following questions: What do I have to inspect when and how? What do I do with the findings?
The training constitutes a personal qualification and includes a theoretical and practical exam.


  • Minimum age: 18
  • Completed training to use PPE against falls (e.g. rescuer in a ropes course, PPE user, rope access technician, rope climbing technician, canyoning guide, mountain guide, rescuer at height and so on)
  • Completed rescuer training for ropes courses

Content of the training:

  • Normative specifications
  • System of inspections
  • Maintenance – inspection – servicing
  • PPE – rope access technique – rope climbing technique in ropes courses: provisions of labour law and basics on inspections at height
  • What do I have to inspect when and how?
  • Inspection and assessment, from trainee to trainer
  • Inspection of different ropes courses with different belay systems and construction styles
  • Theoretical and practical exam