PPE according to the DGUV principle 312-906

Personal protective equipment against falls (PPEaF) must meet high standards. Besides correctly using this life-saving equipment, every employer is bound by law and regulations of the employers’ liability insurance association to have the facility’s PPEaF checked by a competent person at least once a year. This expert test can be carried out by external service providers or by an in-house expert. A person is competent to do so when they have sufficient knowledge as regards PPEaF due to their technical training and experience and when they know the relevant regulations, rules and standards to be able to assess the safe working condition and proper use of PPEaF.

By successfully participating in this advanced training course, you meet with the demands of the employers’ liability insurance association and the minimum requirements as stated in the EEC Directive on Safety and Health at Work.
The 3-day training takes place in one of our IAPA academies.

Content of the training:

  • Legal grounds, regulations and standards
  • Safety lanyard, fall arrest and rescue systems
  • Proper use of PPEaF
  • Storage, cleaning and maintenance of PPEaF
  • Assessment of damage
  • Duties of an expert
  • Operating instructions
  • Anchor devices
  • Organisation of expert tests