The training to become a IAPA Trainer qualifies one as an instructor-trainer. If you are an experienced rescuer, take the step up to the next level to the IAPA Trainer. You will acquire all the skills and certification needed to conduct the training of IAPA Instructors, IAPA Rescuers and IAPA Toprope Belayers in your own facility. In addition, you will be able to take over the supervision of other personnel in the facility and be able to bear the responsibility for the PPE (Personal protective equipment). As a IAPA Trainer and instructor, you have to master not only all the hard skills, but also be able to communicate them appropriately.

The training to become a IAPA Trainer comprises 5 days and takes place in one of our IAPA Academies.



  • IAPA Rescuer with at least one season of experience.
  • Minimum age: 21.
  • Knowledge of current IAPA standards
  • Knowledge of the ropes course standard EN 15567 1 + 2, current version from 2015
  • Proof of first aid (9 teaching units) respectively the signed IAPA G41/ first aid paper.
  • The training participant has a written and spoken command of the working language in the adventure park.
  • The training participant shows no signs of drug abuse.
  • The training participant is physically and mentally fit.

Content of the training:

  • Health requirements of the participant (Medical exams for people working at height - how does the IAPA deal with it)
  • Suitable rescue equipment (PPE with sports climbing standard is not permitted)
  • Practicing rescue situations
  • Liability issues at the ropes course
  • Insight into the topic "teaching and learning"
  • Practical implementation of curriculum units
  • Insight into the content of the ropes course standard EN 15567
  • Knots
  • Supervision requirements at the ropes course
  • Communication
  • Other tasks of the IAPA Trainer and IAPA Safety manager (risk assessment, supervision, contingency plans, inspection, accident analyzes)