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Important note:
We are currently only offering the following training at the German academy locations. The language of instruction is German.

Should you wish to take the next step to become a trainer who is allowed to also train and certify toprope belayers, this advanced training course is the right choice for you.
As a skilled IAPA trainer, you do not only have to master the hard skills yourself but you must also be able to adequately teach them.
The goal of this advanced training course is to know the basics for working at toprope stations and to be able to ensure safety while teaching toprope belayers in their own facilities according to the state-of-the-art technology.

This two-day advanced training equips you with the skills and certification needed to teach not only IAPA instructors and rescuers but also toprope belayers in their own facilities.

Due to thematic overlap with the TA (IAPA Trainer) / SMA (IAPA Safety Manager) refresher course, you will share the first day of the course with the participants taking the TA/SMA refresher class. The second day will be for participants of the upgrade for trainers course only.



  • Minimum age: 21.
  • IAPA Trainer.
  • Knowledge of current IAPA standards
  • Proof of first aid (9 teaching units) respectively the signed IAPA G41/ first aid paper.
  • The training participant has a written and spoken command of the working language in the adventure park.
  • The training participant shows no signs of drug abuse.
  • The training participant is physically and mentally fit.

Content of the training:

  • Basic operating procedures
  • Vast knowledge about the assisted belaying systems in use in the facility
  • Belaying techniques for toprope stations (V, N and M belay)
  • Levels of supervision and verbal intervention techniques
  • Communication and interaction between climber and his belay chain
  • Presentation of information and instructions
  • Expertise on materials and knots
  • Participants‘ briefing on materials and safety
  • Standardised rescue from a toprope system
  • Ability to teach independently